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In the vast expanse of digital space, RigorUX is your celestial navigator. Born from two decades of research across medicine, academia, and industry in both public and private sectors, our legacy is a constellation of solutions for every challenge. Our journey has taken us through diverse terrains: from empowering older adults to engaging communities through transformative projects.

With a profound mastery of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, our expertise lies in rigorous research planning and execution, blending methods with precision and insight. At RigorUX, we're not just UX researchers; We're architects of change.

Meet Our Team

Enthusiastic explorers, we chart new frontiers across the digital universe. Like astute astronomers, we traverse the intricate web of user experience, guiding you with expertise and elegance. At RigorUX, we illuminate your digital journey, transforming your online presence into a radiant beacon. Together, we navigate the vastness of UX with precision and passion, ensuring your place among the stars in the cosmos of digital innovation.

Natalia Zaslavska

UX/UI Lead

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Igor Gontcharov

Research Lead

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UX Intern

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At RigorUX, we excel in UX research, offering a comprehensive suite of stellar services designed to enhance your digital experience. Below, we highlight a selection of our offerings.


We provide an independent and unbiased analysis of your digital presence, including websites, intranets, applications, dashboards, and forms, ensuring your UX/UI meets the highest standards.


Leveraging a blend of traditional and innovative, action-oriented methods, we identify the most effective strategies to tackle any knowledge-related challenge, ensuring optimal user experience outcomes.

Research Communication

Our expertise in knowledge mobilization and translation enables us to partner with industry, academia, and public agencies, crafting and delivering meaningful, strategic communications that effectively reach your target audience

Our Toolkit

At RigorUX, we delve deep into the entire lifecycle of product interaction, prioritizing human-centric design principles that encompass branding, usability, functionality, and design. Our ethos is rooted in understanding and refining the human experience within the digital realm.

Our toolkit extends beyond traditional UX methods and technologies; it includes prompt engineering, a cutting-edge skill that enhances the way we interact with AI-driven platforms, making our solutions more intuitive and user-friendly.

Our toolkit is more than a collection of methods and technologies, it is a reflection of our commitment to excellence and innovation in the UX landscape.

  • Human-Centered Design: Our work orbits around the essential human element, ensuring every aspect of our design process resonates with users.

  • Usability Testing: We employ a blend of usability testing and social & psychological insights to craft interfaces that are intuitive and engaging.

  • Design Frameworks: From wireframes and interaction design to content strategy and information architecture, our strategic frameworks lay the foundation for compelling user experiences.

  • Prototyping & Validation: Our toolkit includes advanced prototyping tools like Figma, FigJam, and Miro, allowing us to bring ideas to life and test them with real users.

  • Coding Expertise: We're proficient in Conversational HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap, enabling us to implement our designs with precision and efficiency.

Our Process

Empathize - Define - Ideate - Prototype -Test - Refine

We start by empathizing user needs and defining key objectives.
Next, we ideate creative solutions and develop prototypes to visualize our concepts. We test our designs with users, refining them based on feedback to ensure the best possible experience.

UX Design Building Blocks

From proto-personas through user research, affinity diagrams, empathy maps to in user personas and insights. We meticulously craft problem statements, ideation phases, storyboards, user flows, wireframes, and prototypes, leading up to the critical usability test.

Advanced Research Techniques

Our research methods are comprehensive, including qualitative interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research, competitor analysis, and more. We leverage quantitative usability testing, app analytics, A/B testing, card sorting, and tree testing among others to gather actionable insights.